Excursions with tourist guide Lucio Graziano

Day trekking and bicycle tours (mountain bike) in Sabina, with Lucio Graziano, professional guide

The excursions are intended for groups of two or more people; customers can rent or bring their own bikes, but also opt for simple hikes. Tour programs might be adapted to customers’ requests within certain limits.

Spoken languages: Italian; English

Excursions: trekking or mountain bike

You will be guided toward knowledge of  rural landscapes, nature, and typical products of the territory, penetrating deeply in local culture and sensing the soul of those places.

More than a simple excursion, a real experience!

An extremely rich territory in terms of cultural, archaeological, and natural treasures, in addition to intact and charming rural landscapes, all of which just a few kilometres from the Magliano Sabina ecoHostel: the Tiber river valley, the Sabina, Tuscia, and southern Umbria regions, the natural parks in northern Lazio, and many more.

Valle del TeverePrati di CottanelloAntico Mulino ChiaUliveti a Fara SabinaCampagna sabinaCastelnuovo di FarfaCasperiaOstello Magliano Sabina Panorama con Monte SoratteSulla cima di Monte PizzutoOcriculumViale con querceCottanello, animali al pascoloPaesaggio a mosaicoLe sorgenti di Stifione

Main Itineraries

  • Magliano Sabina surroundings: the town archaeological museum and the encompassing territory (RI)(free entrance to the museum included)
  • Ruins of the Roman town of Ocriculum on the Tiber bank and surrounding landscape (Otricoli,TR)
  • Mountains near Magliano Sabina: mount San Pancrazio (Calvi dell’Umbria, TR)
  • Semi-abandoned medieval hamlet of Fianello (Montebuono, RI)
  • Hills between Montebuono and Tarano Sabino and olive tree groves (RI) (Sabina DOP Olive Oil sampling included)
  • Collevecchio and its surroundings (RI)
  • Roman village of Falerii Novi and Agro Falisco (VT)
  • Casperia and its surroundings (RI)
  • Chia castle, Etruscan pyramid, and Garden of Bomarzo (Park of the Monsters)(VT)
  • Stifone di Narni and nearby water wells (TR)
  • Forre di Corchiano natural monument (VT)
  • Roccantica and the Sabini mountains karsts and sinkholes (RI)
  • Etruscan sttlement of Vasanello (VT)
  • Sabini mountains: mount Pizzuto (RI)
  • Centuries-old chestnut groves of Canepina (VT)
  • Fara Sabina, Canneto, and the Olivone (RI)
  • Lake Vico natural reserve, Caprarola and the Farnese possessions (VT)
  • Farfa abbey and Gole del Farfa (RI)
  • Fields of Cottanello (RI)
  • Civita di Bagnoregio and the Calanchi valley (VT)

Info and Reservations: +39 340 3366002  (Lucio Graziano)

Foto di Lucio Graziano Escursioni con Lucio Graziano, Guida ambientaleThe guide

“I adore the astonishment of discovering hidden corners and magical natural landscapes. I became a professional guide just to convey this emotion.”

Lucio Graziano, licensed tourist guide, was born in 1970 in Turin.
He holds a degree in Natural Sciences and has been living in Magliano Sabina for some years now.

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