2017 28 March

“Un passo indietro” a photographic exhibition by Cristiano Morbidelli at the Eco-Hostel Magliano Sabina

from: 28-3-2017 to: 13-4-2017

“Un passo indietro” a photographic exhibition by Cristiano Morbidelli

From March 4 to April 13, 2017-Magliano Sabina ecoHostel

Un passo indietro” is the story of Cristiano Morbidelli, photographer born in Viterbo in 1982.

The young author met Stefano, an anti-degradation volunteer, around the Bolsena lake, and precisely from this encounter Morbidelli’s visual report arose.

Shots recounting the path taken by Stefano (main character of the photographs), who, after leaving his job at a vehicle repair shop in Asti, decided to start a journey throughout Italy and all the places that too often get abandoned to the indifference of time.

Stefano enters sites forgotten by men, cleans them and lives there just for the amount of time necessary to bring them back to life. Whenever he changes location what he leaves behind is definitely a better place.

The aim of Morbidelli’s work, exposed at the Magliano Sabina ecoHostel, is to make today’s society rediscover the old values and healthy principles of good manners, attention and respect toward ourselves and what surrounds us.

Cristiano Morbidelli’s work is therefore a certain opportunity of reflection on a very delicate and current issue. The exhibition, curated by Chiara Palozza and presented on March 4, 2017 has been on display until April 13, 2017

From an article published on the Tevere Eventi website, written by Simona Ruggeri

photographic exibition at ecoHostel Magliano Sabina