Ancient Village of Foglia, Hamlet of Magliano Sabina

Included with full rights in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, this small and unique burg is characterized by the presence of Palazzo Orsini, of medieval origins, palazzo Valignani Orsini, built during the Renaissance, and the XVI c. church of Santa Maria Assunta, inside which fresco paintings dating back to the XVII c. and XVIII c. are located.

The village of Foglia, inhabited by about forty people is intensely suggestive and encourages you to stroll in the midst of its small alleys. The views that the peculiar village position offers are some of the most diverse and comprehend an ample part of the Tiber river valley, in particular on the ancient dock of Porto Sant’Agostino, of Roman epoch, on the outline of mount  Soratte, and on the Sabatini and Cimini mountains in the distance.

To the traveller  following the route of the Autostrada del Sole from Rome to Florence, past the Flaminia Est service area, almost unexpectedly, the castle of Floglia appears, situated on a tuffaceous spur. A return to the past on the road of modernity.”   (Guido Poeta,  writer, responsible of the Historical Archive of the Town of Magliano Sabina)

Excursions  in the Natural Landscape

Coming along via Romana, the primary road crossing the village, one enters the surrounding nature in which the village is nestled.  Walking through the San Sebastiano road, in the Madonna del Rovo area , it is then possible to stumble upon  ancient tombs  that attest the existence of old settlements,  remnants of the presence of the Faliscan, Italic people inhabiting the region before the Roman occupation.

Further on one might encounter the ruins of a Roman villa, called Villa San Sebastiano, which donated several evidences of the era,  now exposed at the Civic Museum of Magliano Sabina.

Shortly after the woods of Foglia extend for 40 hectares. The typical vegetation is distinguished by specimens  of centuries-old holly and turkey oaks and by abundant spontaneous flowers, including orchids of various colours. Among the edible vegetal species it is worth pointing out  the presence of wild asparagus and mushrooms.


You can autonomously visit the village of Foglia, 8 km from Magliano Sabina town centre, but in case you prefer an organised field trip with a professional guide ask at the hostel reception.

We organise  easy treks, horse rides and canoe excursions on the Tiber river.

The village of Foglia and Its Products

The characteristic Extra Virgin Sabina Olive Oil (DOP) is remarkable, alongside the equally appreciated Sabina wine (DOP). In addition to the already mentioned asparagus and mushrooms, beans grown in the area are renowned. Moreover, variously combined local products such as wild rosemary, fennel, lesser calamint, garlic, bacon and pork jowl are the base ingredients for some typical dishes:


  • Fettuccine (pasta) flavoured with bacon and asparagus
  • Snails cooked with Extra Virgin Sabina Olive Oil, garlic, fennel, lesser calamint and chili pepper  
  • Spicy Strozzapreti  (pasta)  
  • Frascarelli, (a kind of pasta) prepared with flour and water and flavoured with onions, tomatoes and pork jowl

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